Should the Public School System be Funded?

Churches obviously have a worldview and position, but schools claim to be neutral. However, when the state subsidizes the schools, using the voucher system, the schools are made to conform to the governments standards (become a politically correct school). School teachers get up and state opinions and facts to the students. However, they are approved opinions. Have you heard of a teacher telling his students in a subsidized school about Creation? Or any other views that contradict the status quo? No way!

“He who pays the piper calls the tune.” Its one of the truest things there is to life. If you pay, you call the tune, and the government (the bureaucrats) get to call the tune in the schools. The parents don’t get any say at all in what goes into the curriculum, or what the students learn. And, if you try to back out of the system, they fine you by making you pay the voucher fee again. If that isn’t twisting your arm behind your back, I don’t know what is!


So, is there a difference between state-subsidized Churches or state-subsidized Schools? The answer is… no. Churches “preach” a Christian worldview, but Schools teach a curriculum, that, in the name of being “neutral”, contradicts all religious views, and, “Culture is religion externalized.” They’re changing the culture, creating a pro-state mindset. The atheistic, man rules not God curricula that is poured like water through the minds of students is not approved by parents, but by protected, invisible bureaucrats in Washington D.C.. There is no neutrality in the Public School system, and, so, if its wrong to fund Churches, its wrong to fund Schools. They both “preach”, but in different ways; one primarily to adults, and others to children, who have been peer grouped, separated from their parents, and then taught whatever the curriculum says, be it true or false.


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