Autobiographies and Reconstructed Speeches

20832415-information-word-in-vintage-letterpress-wood-type-on-a-grunge-painted-barn-wood-backgroundBiographies often contain speeches from important people. They may either be from the person himself or from others he respected, but sometimes, its obvious that the author reconstructed the speech. Is this a good idea? Here is my opinion on including a reconstructed speech.

  • If it has little to do with your story plot, don’t include it. This should, I hope, be obvious. 🙂
  • If it is from another person, try if at all possible to give a brief summary of what he said instead of giving it in speech format. You want to be able to do full justice to what he said, and, if you don’t have a written copy to look at of the man’s speech, you won’t remember entirely what he said. Just give what you remember hearing, but not like it was word for word.
  • If it is from you, sure, go ahead! You, more than any other person, would know what you intended to get across in the speech, and can thus accurately condense it for your autobiography.

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