Why I would buy a Recent Car Model

112_0702_02z+toyota_fths_concept_car+left_side_viewMany people have decided to not buy brand new cars, and their reasons are mostly due to the heavy depreciation and possibly high insurance premiums associated with brand new car models. In fact, the car loses about half of its value in the first five years of its life, making a car a very fast and sure loss to the owner of the vehicle. Here, I would like to give my reasons for buying a car that was made in the past 1 – 7 years.

  1. Safety Reasons: Cars made in the past few years have much better safety measures than a car from 10 to 30 years ago. Some recent safety measures in newer cars include auto-brakes, up-graded seat belts, advanced air bags, rear view cameras, alarms, etc.
  2. Comfort: The most recent car models have a whole lot more conveniences than older cars. These conveniences would include more comfortable seating, lighting, built in GPS units, etc;
  3. Style: Most of us appreciate cars as the useful appliances that they are; however, who wants to have an ugly appliance?
  4. Better Construction: As time has progressed, cars have gotten lighter, more fuel efficient, easier to drive, and give the vehicles occupants a more enjoyable ride. The materials now used in car construction are much stronger and safer than they used to be. And, the manner in which the materials are put together has gotten far more precise than ever before.

Though are there are plenty of advantages to buying a more recent car model, there are also disadvantages…

  1. Cost: As cars get better, they also are getting much more pricey. This can be avoided by buying a car at least five years old, allowing you to reduce your loses as much as possible and get a better deal. Another more subtle way to save money is to learn how to drive a stick-shift vehicle. There are lots of advantages to learning stick, besides the fact that, since most drivers don’t drive stick-shift, stick-shift cars automatically, in most cases, are selling for less on the market.
  2. Freedom: As cars have gotten more complex, computers have started to make this easier for the driver. Unfortunately, this can also provide additional security risks to the owner, as any computer can be hacked. Car companies have also started to place black boxes in the vehicles to track vehicle speed, and enable law enforcement to give you a ticket remotely. Though this sounds nice, imagine how this can be abused?

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