What things should I include in my Autobiography?

Power of WordsLets say that I had just spent 26 months in the woods and had just returned to my mother’s house to write a book about my experience. What should I include in my autobiography, assuming that its about my life a mile and a half from town?

First, lets cut out all the details about little events that had no effect on my life in the woods, such as an ant war nearby your hut. Instead, try to find details that most readers will be interested in, like how you got food to eat in winter, etc;

Second, letting the reader know about your philosophy is ok. It enables the reader to learn more about you, and what perspective you are writing the book from. Are you vegan? Do you think hunting is ok? Be sure that if you mention something, continue to make it a theme in the book, and be sure to choose themes your readers would be interested in.

So, cut out the small talk, and focus on what your book is about and what your readers would be interested in. Also, give the reader hints about your perspective and view of life when describing yourself.


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