How Property Rights can solve Environmental Problems

Today there seems to be talk of global warming and other environmental changes. We hear horror stories about carbon emissions, and that human beings are the cause of the world’s problems. Even if all the stories are true, I want to see if there is a way that humans can in fact fix the problems… and, even better, without any government involvement at all.

809Environment_iStock_000006175251MediumFirst lets start with a completely free economy; there is no involvement from the government, it is just producers and consumers. Lets say that, as competition between thousands of businesses forces prices down, and competition between employers seeking workers naturally drives up wages, the average person has more money to spend on various goods and services. As usual, companies want to sell you stuff, and as much of it as possible, so they will try to find a way to market to you. One way they could, and do, do that, is by selling environment friendly cars, cleaners, and thousands of other products to the consumers. Prices for these items will go down as the competition between companies and their environmentally safe items gets more and more fierce.

Here is an example of a vehicle that is environmentally friendly. I’m not entirely sure that its in production yet, and I’m not entirely sure that it has been banned, but here is the info.